The art of beta in 30 seconds

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.
 Francis de Sales

In a world of constant noise and self-promotion, The Art of Beta is about offering an alternative approach to online marketing and influence – one that values quietness, subtlety, and patience in promoting change, providing value, and forming meaningful relationships. It’s about honoring the power of tact and indirection in order to create lasting impact in whatever market or field you’re in.

My name is Mark Blasini, and I hail from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. I’m a writer, a thinker, an avid reader, a professional workforce developer, an introvert (an INTP, to be exact), and a self-professed beta (read: quiet, nice, cautious).

A proponent of the concept of subtle power, I am fascinated by the psychology of indirect influence and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in reading and giving feedback.

Topics I enjoy talking about include blogging, marketing, solopreneurship, creativity, and influence.

Feel free to check out what I’m upto now, or just message me if you have suggestions for the blog or are looking for advice, recommendations, or insights.

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