Know your metric

When it comes to blogging or marketing, people often have different metrics for success.

Some people measure success through the number of followers or subscribers they have. Others measure it through the amount of money they make per month, either from advertisers or from selling something. Others measure it through the number of shares they have for a post, an update, a video, etc.

My metric is simple: appreciation. Specifically, it’s the number of people who tell me, either through comments or emails or in-person, that something I’ve shared or created has helped, impacted, or challenged them in some way.  If at least one person shows appreciation for something I’ve shared or created (not just gratitude, not just “thank you,” but some acknowledgement of impact), then I consider that a successful share or product or service. (More people showing appreciation = a greater measure of success.)

Keeping this metric always at the forefront of my mind helps guide all my decisions online (and offline).  It allows me to judge possible decisions based on one simple question: “Is this something that my readers or customers will show appreciation for?”  Is this something that my readers or customers will tell me, “This has changed the way I think or do things”?

If it’s yes, then I consider doing it. If it’s no, then I won’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, people don’t have to show appreciation in order for something to change the way they think or behave.  But if I think I can get that response from them, then to me, it’s worth trying.

Now what about you? What’s your metric?