Started as a personal exercise to pull practical principles and insights from books I was reading on influence, power, marketing, and business. Decided to share the insights with readers. If you have any suggestions for possible books on these topics or questions about applying the notes in your own life, message me.

The Power of Indirect Influence by Judith Tingley

Explores seven techniques you can use to influence people without their being aware.  The techniques are designed for in-person relationships, but they can easily be applied to online, particularly dealing one on one with online followers, subscribers, and customers.

Seducing Strangers by Josh Weltman

Describes how advertising works.  Split into two parts: offline advertising and online marketing.

Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

Describes the principles behind how ideas can stick in the human mind. Uses the acronym SUCCESs: simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and storied.

Lincoln on Leadership by Donald Phillips

Looks at the management style of 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Breaks it down into basic practices that any leader today can use. Designed for managers of companies, the advice from the book can also be used by anyone who has to “manage” their online followers, subscribers, and customers.

The Art of War-Spirituality for Conflict: Annotated & Explained (SkyLight Illuminations) by [Sun Tzu, Thomas Huynh]The Art of War by Sun Tzu (translated by Thomas Huynh)

Classic book on war and strategy. Must-read for anyone who wants to win in today’s world. Full of timeless wisdom and principles.

The Art of Doing Nothing by Veronique Vienne

Offers ten ways to essentially do mindless activities in order to recharge your mind, balance your mood, and gain a greater appreciation for life.

Mastery by [Greene, Robert]Mastery by Robert Greene

Love the book, and the author. This book describes the process of going from Zero to Master in any field. Takes about 10-20 years to develop full mastery. Practical insights center on your attitude: how you view yourself, how you view work, and how you view pushing outside of your comfort zone.

Born For This by Chris Guillebeau

Very practical book on how to navigate your career. Favorite concept from the book is the Joy-Money-Flow model. The basic idea is to find the intersection between what makes you happy (joy), what sustains a good living for you (money), and what allows you to grow and develop your skills (flow).

Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works by [Lafley, A.G., Martin, Roger L.]Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin

This book gives you a clearer picture of what strategy actually is: a set of interconnected choices that help you gain the advantage in your situation. Mostly talks about companies, but can be applied to individuals.