Made to Stick – by Chip and Dan Heath

Describes the principles behind creating “sticky ideas” – ideas that you can say once or twice, and the person never forgets it. Very applicable to online because there you want your ideas to spread.  Book uses the acronym SUCCESs to describe the principles:


Figure out the single most important thing you want people to leave with in your post or update. Focus on that and don’t bury it with other points. In the title of your post or video or update, state your point.


There needs to be something counter-intuitive or surprising in your post or share. The main punch should be at the end of thing you’re sharing.


Use details and stories to grab people’s attention.


Invite audiences to try it out or “see for themselves.” Prove it by showing examples and case studies where the concept or solution is realized. Show that your idea is viable because it’s worked elsewhere.


Whatever you share should be personal, positive, and individual. Should not be negative, sad, or involve groups of people going through something.


Remember three key plots found in inspiring stories: challenge (overcoming obstacles); connection (getting along or reconnecting with people); and creativity (encouraging a new way of thinking or changing perspective).

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