Digital bricolages

Bricolage is a French word (pronounced bree-ko-laj) that roughly corresponds to what we’d call a “Do-It Yourself project” in English. Bricolages involve the creative use of available resources in order to solve problems or make something interesting.

This page features what I call my digital bricolages – little online projects that I tinker with from time to time for creative expression or to provide something useful to people.

My Essential Library

features books that I return to over and over again in my life for different reasons.


rules I try to live by, taken from quotes, sayings, proverbs

Notes from an Eclectual

my own commonplace book, filled with passages, anecdotes, and thoughts based on what I’m reading

The Way of Haiku

a beginner’s guide to the popular Japanese art form

Thoughts and Outlooks

a collection of my abstract philosophical thoughts and points of view

Power, Seduction, and War Fan Site

designed for dedicated fans of bestselling author Robert Greene (The 48 Laws of Power); features videos, interviews, essays, and more about Greene and his work