Born For This – By Chris Guillebeau

Very practical book on how to navigate your career. Favorite concept from the book is the Joy-Money-Flow model. The basic idea is to find the intersection between what makes you happy (joy), what sustains a good living for you (money), and what allows you to grow and develop your skills (flow). The rest of the book is just an elaboration of how to get there through different strategies.

  1. Determine your joy-money-flow. The idea is to find the intersection between the three. Do that, and you find the work you were “born to do.”
  2. Create back-up plans. Have a Plan B, or even plans C-Z. Use “if this, then that” method to make a backup plan for every career choice you want to make.
  3. Decide, every year, whether you want to resign from your job.
  4. Improve soft skills, like communication, negotiation, conflict management, and follow-up.
  5. Write down your tasks, plans, ideas.
  6. Create your own job title for yourself. Think Sherlock Holmes: “unofficial consulting detective.”
  7. If you work for a company, seek to become indispensable. Either make business processes more efficient or improve the company’s bottom line. This will allow you to negotiate best possible working conditions for yourself.
  8. Create a side hustle or project that can give you a source of income.
  9. Give up if something isn’t working for you.