Welcome! My name is Mark Blasini. Hailing from the Lehigh Valley, I am a writerthinkerreader, haiku enthusiast, amateur musician, autodidact, and self-professed digital bricoleur.

On this site, I’ll be sharing ideas, practices, principles, and systems that I think are useful for learning, creating, and thinking critically. My mission is to help people develop the confidence, energy, and insight to lead creative, productive, useful lives in the digital age.

Some core themes you’ll find throughout my posts and articles are

  • Simplicity – using the minimum resources to create maximum impact
  • Eclecticism – openness to using and mixing resources from other cultures, time periods, and/or ways of living
  • Resourcefulness – using what’s available to innovate and solve the problems you face in life

Feel free to check out what I’m doing now as well as projects I’m working on. Message me if you have suggestions for the blog or are looking for advice, recommendations, or insights.